Produced as part of the Datamapping project at Manchester School Of Art, 3:30 display is a result of my typographic response to the brief. The brief being to create a visual mapping of a provided song ( Race Out: Battles in this case ). I decided to try challenge myself and respond to the brief typographically, the response being a a typeface made under a system created to map out peoples emotive responses felt throughout the song. 

The system was designed to through mark making trying to map out the various different sections and emotive responses to the song, with a final semiotic being designed that encompasses the song in one shape. This semiotic is the cornerstone of the typeface and all letterforms are derived from it in order to cary this mark making throughout all the letterforms.

The final outcome is a type specimen made up of the typeface examples and origin, with peoples responses to how the song sounds ( such as “Start of a Chris Nolan film” ) being used as quotes to showcase the typeface in use.

Listen to the song here