Bellisimo Gioco is a football newspaper created as part of the layout project during my time studing BA (Hons) Graphic Design at Manchester School Of Art and was my first foray into layout and editorial design. The aim of the project was to reimagine printed football media in an attempt to cherish and save it in an age of rapid digitalisation of news and media. The result being a focus on more interesting and eye catching page layouts that use a visual system that is able to illustrate and accompany the written articles and keeps the viewer engaged through the design of the newspaper, not only the content. 

I hold this project quite dearly given it both sparked a long lasting interest in layout and editorial for print as well as inspired me to go on and create more projects that center around the world of football. The project was born out of a frustration towards a lot of the design in the football world, feeling that there is so much more interesting and groundbreaking design that can be made around such a beautiful sport. Bellisimo Gioco ultimately inspired me to go on and create more projects throughout my studies that center around design and football.