How Long Ref is a branding project created during my time at Manchester School Of Art during a brief centered around living brands, exploring how brands don’t exist as static logos and instead should act as flexible visual systems that live and breath throughout a company. How Long Ref looks into the philosophies of the slow movement, applying them to the world of football and football media. In an age of fast, gossip centered and hyper reactionary content I wanted to explore the idea of football media taken from a more reserved approach, allowing time to help inform the content itself.

The result is a flexible brand identity that uses clock faces and a “4-4-2” grid ( based on the popular football formation, the 4-4-2 positions are placed on a grid respective to the situation whether it be book, web, mobile, billboard etc ). The clock faces allow for a flexible and ever changing brand identity through a magnitude of different results and versions as the clock hands hit different points on various “4-4-2” grids.