A Study Of Progressive Typographic Practices Within The Context Of Artificial Intelligence is broadsheet publication that houses a years worth of ongoing research into how artificial intelligence will impact the future of the type design industry. The publication explores the various different usages, predictions from industry proffesionals as well as their fears. An interview with Matthieu Salvaggio of Blaze Type along with a deep look into the ethical implications that such tool could have on the industry.

The publications design is somewhat of an ode to some of my own unfinished type and lettering projects, using them as display type throughout the publication alongside an identity that acts as a flexible visual system across the publication, made up of 3D renders fed through Midjourney to differentiate outcomes and offer a flexible identity.

The publication & poster were exhibited as part of Broadcast MSOA Degree Show 2023 as part of MSOA’s ‘Next Message’ in June 2023